Who is Paul Victor ?

Who is Paul Victor and the Zero Debt Experts Team?

paul victor pix

Paul Victor has been a premium member of the Zero Debt in 90 Days® System since 2008, on the sales team since April 2010 and in 2011 Paul took over the professional sales team as its sales manager.

Born in The Big Apple, I served in armed forces at age 18 for 2 years. Married my childhood sweetheart and we are still happily married going on 45 years. We have two awesome grown children and one grandson.

I have been successfully self-employed for most of my life in a dozen different businesses. I retired from the used car business of 15 years to work full-time helping others learn they too have viable options available to them by using the Zero Debt in 90 Days® System.

It was in the economic down-turn of 2008 that I realized I would be unable to sustain my car business due to tight credit and implementation of sky high interest payments brought about by universal default software in the credit industry. I realized that to continue on the path of struggling to pay that which was UN-payable would end up in financial disaster.

After looking into bankruptcy and the intrusiveness that comes with it, I started to search for other answers. That’s when I found the answer within the Zero Debt in 90 Days® System.

The Zero Debt in 90 Days® System enabled me to separate the liability to my debt, protect my remaining assets and delay a commercial foreclosure for over 15 months without paying P.I.T.I while still collecting rents and operating my business – all without filing for bankruptcy. After completing the program I came on board as a Zero Debt consultant and I now head up sales and marketing.

Through the miracle of modern technology, I can attend to business anywhere in the 50 states.

I became aware of the lies and corruption in our “system” about 30 years ago and have witnessed the steady incremental decay and decline of our body politic. The wicked among us will continue to wax wicked and the righteous among us will continue to be righteous.

There is nothing new under the sun, as quoted by King Solomon.

I believe that for freedom and goodness to reign, good and honorable men must be vigilant and expose corruption whenever and wherever it appears. I also believe in and cherish private ownership of assets and the ever important need to be as anonymous and “private” as possible in your person and possessions. You won’t see my name in social media such as Faceb00k, LinkedIn or Twitter for obvious reasons.

So here I am now, talking to people who will listen, about how you too can protect your assets and fight the paper chase within the system using the strategies and options that the Zero Debt in 90 Days® System has to offer.

Best regards,

On a mission to set the captives free,
Paul Victor
Phone: 404-477-4215
Email: paul@zerodebtguaranteed.com
Zero Debt in 90 Days® www.zerodebtguaranteed.com

My blog: http://www.askpaulvictor.wordpress.com

America, Wake UP. Loose yourself from the chains around your neck. Isaiah 52:2

PS I would be more than happy to give you a no-obligation free risk assessment that will only take about five minutes of your time to determine if you even need our System. Let me show you how to protect your assets and lose the stress. Call my direct line at 404-477-4215 or just visit http://zerodebtguaranteed.com 


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