Zero Debt Freedom : Zero Debt in 90 Days!

Frequently Asked Questions

This page should cover most of your questions. But in case you have questions that are not covered here, please feel free to contact us and speak to one of our Zero Debt Expert consultants.

1 – How does the Zero Debt in 90 Days® System work?

It separates your personal debt liability from your cash and property.  In other words, no matter how much debt everyone says you have, none of your creditors will be able to successfully sue you or take your cash or property after you’ve completed Zero Debt in 90 Days®. Multiple debts, civil liability, administrative enforcement, collection letters, and other related topics are also stressed in this module. Winning the Collection Game: Solutions to Credit Card Debt is an all-inclusive guide that will help anyone deal with their credit card debt issues.

2 – How long does it take to complete your program?

It takes about 90 days if you follow our instructions and do what the system teaches you to do. This is the average time it has taken based on previous client experience. There are always potential blocks that one may encounter that may slow this up depending on your current status and many other factors; but the bottom line is 90 days is the goal and the average time it takes when all things work as they should. We can only guarantee our program when it is followed precisely as laid out; otherwise it could take longer.

3 – What guarantees do you provide?

Unlike any attorney or other debt service company, we’re the only organization in this business that guarantees you will not suffer any loss of wages, income or property due to your unsecured debts. Please request the “Terms of Service” from your Personal Consultant or download it from the website.

4 – Do you guarantee that I will not be sued?

No, however we do guarantee that IF you are sued, you will not need to hire an attorney to defend yourself. You may be required to appear in court in some cases. Also, we guarantee that IF a creditor sues you and obtains a judgment against you, they will be unable to take any of your money or your property if you have completed the steps of the program.

5 – How quickly can I get this program in place?

Within hours or a few days or a few weeks, depending on your focus; you can have all of the protections guaranteed except against wage garnishment. The protections against wage garnishment usually take three to six months to activate.

6 – Can you help with student loans?

Yes, this program can protect you against the collections from DOE guaranteed student loans with the only exception being that just like the IRS, they could garnish your paycheck.  While our program can diminish this risk, it cannot eliminate it. Other creditors will not be able to garnish your wages once your protections are in place (as previously mentioned).

7 – Can you help with tax collections?

Yes, this program can protect you against tax collections with the only exception being that just like the guaranteed student loans; they could garnish your paycheck. While our program can diminish this risk, it cannot eliminate it. Other creditors will not be able to garnish your wages (as previously mentioned). (NOTE: We do not engage in offering tax advice or financial estate planning – only those things that you will need to protect yourself.)

8 – Can you help with utility accounts and unpaid phone bills?

Yes, these are treated the same as any other unsecured credit card accounts with the same guarantees.

9 – Can you help with doctor/medical bills?

Yes, these are treated the same as any other unsecured credit card accounts.

10 – Can you help me avoid the repossession of my car?

No, but our program guarantees that when the creditor takes your car and sells it, they will not be able to collect any money from the unsecured balance (that they demand you pay) usually associated with a repossession and auction of a car once you have your protections in place.

11 – Can you help stop a foreclosure?

Yes, and we guarantee to cause certain delays, typically up to one and even two years in judicial foreclosure states and approximately up to one year in trust deed (nonjudicial) states.   In Winning the Collection Game: Mortgage Foreclosure Dismissed!, John Gliha has reproduced and edited some chapters to help guide those who need to cancel mortgages and other secured debts such as auto and student loans.

12 – Can you help stop the sale of my house if it is imminent, possibly in the next few weeks or so?

It is not likely, however, if you can delay the sale using bankruptcy, our program may be able to “turn back the clock” and provide some of the delay you will need to formulate your Plan B.

13 – What if I have business debt from a sole proprietorship, an LLC, a S-Corporation or a C-Corporation?

We can help you with these types of debts. The program makes the least amount of changes to your existing business organization while providing you with protection from creditors.

14 – Can your system tell me how to stop or answer debt collection calls?

Yes, in fact we freely provide a set of instructions with three proven methods of stopping collection calls 99% of the time. Just ask your Zero Debt Expert Consultant to provide you with strategy on how to stop debt collection calls.

15 – What if I start the program and then decide to file bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is very expensive and it has a much more negative impact on your credit report. You will realize that bankruptcy would never make sense after you learn our strategies.

16 – Can you help me if I already have a judgment?

Yes. We do have specific proven strategies that, even though a creditor already has a judgment against you, will make the judgment uncollectible or worthless to the unfriendly creditor in certain instances.

17 – Can you help me if I already have a wage garnishment?

Yes. In many cases we can even possibly stop the garnishment with a one-page form filed in the court. And if not, we can show you how to stop it and then prevent it from recurring.

18 – If I am the plaintiff in a lawsuit or the beneficiary or recipient of cash flow from a judgment lien or mortgage lien, can your system protect my cash flow?


19 – What if I am not earning wages but am self-employed? Can your system protect my self-employment income?

Yes. We guarantee that too.

20 – Does your program create any new tax consequences for me?

No. Absolutely not! In fact, once the program is in place, you’ll want to have a discussion with a qualified accountant to learn how you can obtain greater tax benefits.

21 – Does your program show me new ways to increase my income?

Yes, we have an entire module where you’ll discover a list of new methods of obtaining financing for a business venture and basic business strategies to earn more money without getting another job or using up your savings.

22 – What are the other costs associated with using your program?

You will pay the least expensive filing fees for establishing a corporation. And the method we show you allows you to create as many corporations as you want or need. Depending on which option you choose, you’ll only pay one small recurring fee every year to the state to keep the corporation in good standing. The only other additional third-party costs would be one or more one-time filing fees in your local court, usually totaling around $150. Some courts do not charge filing fees. Some do. For example, in California, filing fees might be closer to $500 per filing. Remember these are one-time fees; whereas without our program, you would be paying untold court fees and possibly even attorney fees.

23 – How do I know this program is for me?

If you can be sued in the next fifty years, this program will make you immune from any lawsuit. The Zero Debt in 90 Days® System will help prevent you from paying any legal fees to an attorney to defend yourself since you will have no personal risk. If you can suffer a wage garnishment, now or in the future, or suffer the loss of property because it is not managed through the appropriate ownership, this program will prevent you from being subjected to those risks. If you pass away, your surviving family members or heirs may want these benefits.

24 – How did you discover these methods or develop them?

We spent weeks at a time sitting through hearings in many courtrooms across the country taking notes and reading actual case files from the major creditors and law firms. Then we “reverse engineered” the collection process to benefit you. Also, we subscribe to debt collection trade journals, so we know what they know including but not limited to what software they use and their in-office collection practices. We know what to tell them so they’ll remove your account from the automatic rotation so they won’t call you anymore.

25 – Does anyone else offer the same program?

No. We are a unique one-of-a-kind stand-alone organization. The only other services that are alternatives to this program include bankruptcy, settlement, consolidation or counseling. However, there are individuals who may be selling similar information as us and these people are not credible and many of them have plagiarized segments of our material and they don’t have expertise in this arena.

26 – I found some other companies making similar offers; do they have the same program?

Chances are that these are former customers or former sales agents who are selling plagiarized versions of our program. They don’t have any programs and they’re just making a similar offer and taking people’s money without providing a valid service.  Some of our customers who bought into these scams were frustrated by the lack of expertise and customer service that they didn’t receive from the other companies. We’re the original company providing the service. Unfortunately, sometimes people end up paying more money to perpetrators before they find what they really need to solve their problem.

We had to sue one of our former sales organizations for trying to sell plagiarized versions of our program.  The case file is available from the Federal District Court in the First District of Florida.  The plaintiff is John Gliha and Due Process LTD and the main defendant was ADS.  We won a total of $2,300,000 in damages.

You’ll find similar reports on the FTC’s website on New Leaf Associates, Art Mareno or PQI or IGP. They sold plagiarized versions of our program. They’re eventually closed down by the FTC or our attorneys for copying our work and perpetrating scams on others.

27 – Have any customers been dissatisfied with the program?

Yes, we’ve been doing this since 1993 and it’s inevitable that some people buy the program, possibly try it and then decide it’s not for them. It’s just like any product or service. However, after interviewing these people who were dissatisfied we discovered that they were unwilling to change their habits and they weren’t motivated enough to improve their own financial situation.

28 – Has your company ever been investigated for alleged crimes or fraud?

No, but we’ve been investigated by several state bar organizations to determine if we were competing with their member attorneys. No formal investigations have ever been opened, and all letters of inquiry were answered timely and appropriately.

29 – Why aren’t you listed with the Better Business Bureau?

We believe it’s disingenuous and it misrepresents the real status of our company because anyone who pays $500 a year can have a good record with the BBB. Furthermore, any complaints filed against our company are published through the local BBB whether we are or aren’t a member. Many people who are selling debt elimination scams and have these types of complaints simply change their name and open a new BBB account and post the new logo on their website. We choose not to participate in that deception. Instead, we provide a money back guarantee and our growing list of testimonials and references.

30 – What is the financial status of your company?

We’ve been a debt free company since 1993 and we’ve always operated paperless and environmentally friendly (green) offices. Our business would continue to exist even in the worst natural disasters and we’ve taken every measure to establish continuity so that you’ll always receive the service you need to satisfy your original goals.

31 – What if I have questions after receiving your program?

Your premium membership is lifetime and includes 3 months of full support. You will be assigned a login password for our premium membership site giving you full access to live chat and our help desk which is the most expedient way for us to track your progress, it essential to your success that you take advantage of this as it is included in our Premium membership with this system.

32 – Do I need an attorney for this program?

No, never.

33 – What types of payment do you accept?

We accept money orders, cashier checks or other payment methods. We used to have a long list of merchant accounts to process credit card orders from customers. Then the banking system realized that we were actually helping people, and that the last credit card charge on their customer’s account was usually to purchase this program, to become our customer! Ha! Well, they closed our merchant accounts, put our “name on a list” and banned us from ever getting another merchant account.

34 – Does your System work with MAC computers?

UPDATE FOR MAC USERS (as of March 2012) Mac users NO longer have to download additional software to view the CORE SYSTEM Ebook. Now Mac users only need a web browser with PDF reader.

The membership site works perfectly for MAC and Windows users alike. There is a difference when it comes to accessing our CORE SYSTEM E-book. For MAC users there will be a slight expense incurred if they want to gain the same unrestricted flexibility in using our CORE SYSTEM E-book that Windows users experience. Because we use a security system to lock down our CORE SYSTEM E-book and control access we have had to implement a much less flexible solution for MAC users. Still there are two solutions available to fix this.

1) MAC can run Windows using MAC’s Own Basecamp solution which allows for Dual boot and usage of Windows on your MAC. By doing this you could then use the windows version of the CORE SYSTEM E-book although you would be limited to having to boot into Windows in order to access the CORE SYSTEM E-book then reboot back in to MAC in order to do your normal work.

2) Like the above solution, there is a program that allows for even more versatility allowing MAC users to have both MAC OSx and Windows running at the same time which is actually the best of both worlds. In this instance a MAC user would have to purchase Parallels Desktop solution found at this website –  http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop/   and a cheap version of Windows like Windows XP which you can get for about $49.00 and you would now have the same exact experience that our Windows users have. If you search around you can find an older cheaper version of Parallels and then upgrade to the latest version, sometimes for free.

This is actually going to be required in the near future but for now we do have a lesser solution in place that works and gives the MAC user access but you have to go through each page of the CORE SYSTEM E-book one page at a time and you can’t search the document. This has been very frustrating for us and something we do not want our users to have to deal with but it is the best we can do at this time and the market place being what it is. Still it is there and included in the system and cost of the system. Please note this is not a limitation of our system nor a bias against MAC users – it is simply all that is available in the market for MAC users at this time. You can look at it as the price of owning a superior computer :)

35 – Why haven’t I heard of your program before?

The market is enormous!  There are approximately 176 million credit card users.  Many of them do not have a need for this service, and those that do only know branded terms such as “bankruptcy” or “settlement”.  We have helped over 80,000 people but that is only a very small percentage of the market.  We place advertising in nearly every media outlet available, from short commercials, infomercials, radio, print media including newspapers and magazines, including but not limited to billboards and direct mail.


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