Testimonials and Feedback from members:


Thank You for taking some time to help me on a holiday,



I just like to say that the transcripts of chats are such a great idea. It allows us to go back and digest the questions and answers without having to rush to remember what we talked about.

Thank you,



Email subject line: SUCCESS

Just wanted to drop a note saying thank you to John and his magnificent staff for passing the info and knowledge he has aquired over the years to the rest of us. This really works. I have just completed a case with Chase following the prescribed procedure and won.

Never become discouraged, never give up. You have more info than the plaintiff would ever admit to (even if they knew it). AND, the more you become involved, the more you will start to understand the game as a Game. The dry mouth and panic will cease.

Follow and understand the procedures given by Zero-Debt and put yourself ahead of the game where you will become the master and not the slave.

LIFE extends beyond DEBT.




EXTREMELY thankful


Just a short note, (if I’m actually capable of such a thing!) I just wanted to thank you, not only for your “vision” 18 some odd years ago but also for your responce and faithfulness to that vision. Your program has helped 1,000’s, 10’s of 1,000’s, more (?) to come out of the beast system of usury and bondage.

My wife recently pointed out that we (I) have been able to function just fine without “credit” for over one year now and I thank God that my protections are now in place. I still have some “fine-tuning” to do and I am looking forward to fun stuff, i.e., the “wealth building” part, assuming that we have enough time for that at this late date in human history.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to not only thank you for your faithfullness to your vision but for surrounding yourself with such unbelievably gifted, capable and caring people, most notably, Ms. Patricia. I love this woman and now feel almost bonded to her. I know that I have NOT been an easy client and have at times, I’m quite sure, been most difficult and frustrating to work with and for. In spite of that, Ms. Patricia has continued to extend expert, timely and effective advise and input based upon her years and years of experience. Although I’m violently opposed to such things, I’m sure that you would love to be able to “clone” that woman as she truly is a “treasure.”

I don’t know where you are at “spiritually” John but I do know that NOTHING happens by accident and I’m convinced that God has placed Ms. Patricia (along with members of your sales staff) in your life (employees or not) for a reason. My hope is that you have realized and embraced the miracle and gift of redemption in Christ Jesus in your own life. Very early in the game, a little over a year ago, it became abundantly clear to me that Ms. Patricia was what many refer to as a “believer” and although she has never even once, openly mixed her faith with her extremely professional support of my efforts to put certain “protections” in place, I can tell you that she has often encouraged me in an “off-line” sort of way knowing that I too, am a believer and, as I mentioned earlier, I love her for that along with your salespeople.

Thanks for being faithful to the vision that I believe God gave you 18 years ago. Thanks for surrounding yourself with wonderful, committed, talented and professional people like Ms. Patricia and your sales team.

God Bless You John,



Testimonial Email subject line: FJL filing as defendant

Main Feedback: WOW, it worked like a swiss watch. Went in to the clerks office today, a little nervous, to file our FJL nominee’s complaint against us. I did exactly as suggested.   Thanks John and Support – Almost over.




… Our protections are in place now. We have had the LLC and bank account set up for some time now and are using the LLC bank account for our banking. I stopped at the court records department to make sure our 2nd mortgage (friendly loan) had been filed. It had so I requested a copy since I had not received it back yet from the title company.

There is plenty of information on the 0Debt website about the FJL, but very little about a friendly loan. I would think that it would be good to include information and documents for that on the website also for people who don’t need a FJL.

Guess that’s all I can think of for now.

I am so glad that we became “Premium Members”. We started this process with the DIY system, and answered the attorney with those documents. But I’m not sure we could have gotten this far without your help. It has been very helpful to us and I am grateful for all the help that we’ve gotten from the support staff.

Thanks everyone!!!



Feedback Topics: Testimonial

Email subject line: UNBELIEVABLE

… ZERO HASSLES, ZERO PROBLEMS, WOW! Just like it was supposed to go.

… handed them the summons, and a Certified copy of the complaint. They said EVERYTHING LOOKS GOOD HERE. Pay us $40 and we will process this for you. AND I WAS DONE!!!

Seems a little confusing as you read everything and try to imagne how it REALLY works, but I am here to tell you IT REALLY WORKS JUST LIKE JOHN AND THE HELP DESK SAID IT WOULD. UNBELIEVABLY EASY.

It’s been a while, but we are ALmost there, THANKS John & Team



Main Feedback: Thank you for the preparation. …, with your excellent help of course. What an education this was today, and at the same time “a joke”!



Thanks to the courteousness and professionalism of your Help Desk I can look forward to having a concrete doable solution for dealing with the crushing debt burden I have been dealing with for several years now.

I love your new web site and it seems as close to perfect as any one I have been to. It seems complex but it is engineered to allow even a beginner to connect from one link to the other with ease. I was worried that I would get stuck but just like you said RELAX and take you time.

Even after visiting the Chat Support window for the first time, I was welcomed and very efficiently assisted by your HelpDesk Support team. I was blown away because he even emailed me a copy of the whole chat session within minutes of finishing our conversation.

I truly look forward to learning your system and utilizing all the innovative tools you have make available to so many of us regular people out here in the world.

Looking forward to a brighter independent future,




I’m Dancin’ a Jig

Email subject line: Very happy client

Main Feedback: Thanks for the early support I am receiving.

I chose “I’m Dancin a Jig” because I think that’s a good thing, hopefully that’s what the expression means.

Anyway, I really appreciate the Live Chat feature and how fast the tickets are responded to.

The upgrade to the Premium Membership turned out to be better than I expected.

Thanks again, I feel like I have a team of people working with me and that gives me a lot of peace.

So, peace out.



Email subject line: Thanks

Main Feedback: Hi John,

Just a note to let you know what a great job Help Desk has done! It is such a comfort knowing your team is there. And they have gone above and beyond their duty I sense.

While there is still a lot of frustration with the learning curve, some system procedures and the circumstances, you and your staff have been a ray of light.

We still have a long way to go but, thanks a mil for now.



I have been working on this system now for almost a year. I started with fear from the summons I recieved and ended wanting to dance. I worked with the Help Desk most of the year and they are wonderful. I learned so much through this process that now I feel empowered. I felt like I was so stupid with what to do at the beginning. I didn’t know I could do the paperwork on my own. They have always answered my questions and made me feel so smart and gave me confidence. Wow, what you can do with a little knowledge. I hope to continue learning everything this system has to offer. I appreciate everything.



Main Feedback: I have only been a member for just a few weeks and like most newbiees I am very anxious and want to jump to the end game and just get things over with. Help Desk has been a very professional and patient “teacher”. You need to know how they respond to my case 24/7… weekends and after hours. They have been patient with my crazy questions which sometimes an be found in the downloads. From the very first conversation I had with Zero over the internet they were patient and courtious. They have been very helpful and calming. You need to know what a GREAT job of customer service they have done.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for all of us!!



Email subject line: release from foreclosure

Main Feedback: Thank You SO MUCH! I had no idea how powerful this system is. I signed up in January 2010, specifically for foreclosure help. I was in foreclosure since Nov. 2007. A simple QWR was sent to Countrywide/BoA. They went into default after 60 days. I just now noticed my mortgage was released from the MERS system back in March 2010. Just from that one letter!! I had no idea until now (October)I did accomplish recording the NOTE. It did take me awhile until I did it online.

Now I am taking steps to establish the Accepted for Value paperwork guaranteeing freedom from foreclosure. All without going thru the court system, only recording and notary fees. WOW!! Unbelieveable! Thank You so much.



Main Feedback: I love it! and thank you so very much for all the hours and hard work you guys have done!… I try to get on here to get familiar with it as often as I can so as to help you out with extra eyes, and to also learn what we have for the new additions and changes…. thanks again.   Joan


Main Feedback: I am new to the program but very excited. I have been educated on the fraud of the Fractional Reserve Banking so I am comint into this very excited. My suggestion is an orientation of what is the step by step objective. I understand in its simplist that we are trying to clear ourselves of the debt



Email subject line: Conference call

Main Feedback: I loved being on the call. It was very informative. I wish I could listen to it again. Right now my brain is on overload with the foreclosures, a little bit of other work, going out to LA once a month for commerce training and studying for that. I would like to be on another call regarding mortgages and/or listen to the call I was on.



Email subject line: Kudos to Zero Debt!

Main Feedback: Several months ago I was at my wits-end and on the brink of filing bankruptcy. Luckily I found Zero Debt and decided to try this program versus filing chapter 7. It is so amazing how it works. This program is such a stress reliever. My advice to anyone facing financial hard times is contact Zero Debt they are the only answer to a stress free and brighter future with lifetime benefits. Speaking from personal experience I can guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose. In just a few days I had stopped all the harassing phone calls and was well on my way to a fresh start and a much brighter future.   Thanks and Kudos to a great team of experts at Zero Debt.

Dee- Arkansas


Feedback Topics: Testimonial

Email subject line: What a RELIEF!

Main Feedback: Upon receipt of my login I went directly to the Forms and scanned each of them followed by the videos pertaining to the forms and I felt such a sense of relief come over me that I want to share my experience with others just contemplating entering the program. Feeling secure again is priceless.



I had Patricia on the line. It was my first experience using the online Chat. My questions were answered and Patricia did a very good job. I think this online Chat is so very helpful because I can get an answer now. This is a powerful tool. Good Job and Thank Patricia.



Email subject line: Thanks

Main Feedback: Thank You John, not for just the program but for your salespeople! As well, the staff has been great working with me and my anxiety and frustrations with the situation. Patricia, CJ, & Edward have been great with all that they have to do.

What I am seeing is not just a buck made or service provided, but a true concern and care for people. I don’t know where this will end but I don’t know anyone else I would want to walk through this with me than you and your staff. I actually feel like I am being carried through the Valley of Death and I still feel joy in the midst of the pain and suffering.

God Bless you all! A special thanks to one of your salespeople who has kept my eyes focused the only place they should be at a time like this…on Christ. I am at a loss for words to describe what she has meant to me through these trials other than she is a true blessing from God and a pillar of strength that has always been there for me to lean on in great anguish. And that makes you a true Blessing to me as well John, along with your entire staff.

May God Richly Bless you and your entire staff.

Got to go to church now! Will pray for all.




Email subject line: Funnily Enough

Main Feedback: How funny, in a cosmic way, that you sent me this email today. Earlier today I sent an email to John G raving about how much I appreciate you all; your kindness, supportiveness, willingness to get the answers and your general knowledge.

It is very appreciated in difficult times.

Love and hugs,



Main Feedback: Thanks so much for including me. Even though I don’t have any issues right now, it felt good to be reminded that I am part of John’s community of clients.

You are wonderful, John. Your research and courage are much appreciated!



Email subject line: Thanks in general…

Main Feedback: I wanted to take the time to thank everyone at zdebt in 90 days for being so supportive and so quick to response to all our concerns thus far. You have been very informative and clear in your directions. I thank all of you for holding my proverbial hand! I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you.


P.S. A members only conference call would be great! : ) NOTE: Suggestion taken.


Email subject line: What This Has Meant to Me

Main Feedback: A year ago I was in most dire distress. I was spending nearly $1000/mo. on minimum payments on credit cards that didn’t include paying down any part of the principle. My income was shrinking to nothing and my stress levels were going through the roof! I used the last of my credit to pay for Zero Debt’s services. What a relief to be able to talk to people who could tell me what to do!   It is such a relief to be in a process that makes sense and gives me another chance to live my life.



Main Feedback: Hi ZDX…you have been very helpful to me so far and I appreciate the membership support. One thing that I think would make continuity better is to have specific case managers assigned to each person’s case…or at least for each person’s case by segment of the course. That way explaining or getting a person up to speed on a particular question or problem would be much easier. I know this may be untenable logistically…but if there is a way…you know my preference.




Email subject line: Webmaster Great Service

Main Feedback: Dear Sirs: A week or so ago I had been locked out of the site for security reasons. You have smartly put controls in place to question the use of several computers to access the help desk as someone else might have gotten my login info and tried to use the site.

I contacted your webmaster, and he was extremely efficient in asking the proper questions to determine thta I had used several computers. He restored my service in a matter of minutes. He is a credit to 0Debt Experts and should be commended. Sincerely, Rick


Email subject line: Support Conference Call

Main Feedback: The conference call today was more than awesome! I love listening to other members asking their questions and I love listening to Patricia responding to their questions. The entire session was really informative! And it is really special being able now to put a voice to Patricia’s name.

I truly hope having a conference call with support will become a monthly occurrence in the very near future. Listening in on the call certainly was an encouragement to me.

I can’t praise or say enough nice things about support. They truly care and that is so rare in this day and age!   What an awesome team you guys are!!! And I can’t thank you enough for what you do every single day for us out here struggling with the evil creditors!!!

Blessings to each and every one of you precious individuals!!!



Subject: Wish you could have seen it !

Hello John

Went to court for trial conference. When def./plaintiff (palisades) called debt collector attorney shot out of his chair and as he was race walking towards the judge he was yelling out “we want a dismissal” “we want a dismissal” . I just reached getting out of benches (I’m in shape) and he was in front of judge 50 feet away. Judge was asking me from all the way across the room “is that OK with you” I said that will be fine. None of this is one iota of exaggeration. I was STUNNED Their allegation was claiming $11,296.00 If You were a girl standing next to me I would have kissed ya. Moreover, a verbal handshake and thanks is well deserved and in order.

PS In hindsight I was wondering when the judge asked if it was OK with me if I should have asked Plaintiff for release or satisfaction.

The Best of Regards,



This is Rick here just wanting to say thanks for all of your help with the credit guys. Feb 14 it will have been 4 years, the statue for this state is 4 years and low and behold the calls just stopped coming. 15 credit cards and $134,000.00 later its all over. I think I faltered once and settled for 6k or something like that (which I know now was dumb, I just gave 6k away).

Thanks again Rick


I don’t recommend. As my friend, I won’t tell you what computer to buy, what restaurant to go to or who to date. The only recommendation I would make is to participate in “0 Debt in 90 days” IF YOU ARE INNOCENTLY IN TROUBLE. I CAN’T BEAR TO IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT THEM.” Carol S.


I’m still new in my educational process with Zero Debt. Even though I have just begun this process, it is a great relief to me to understand how the financial system of credit really works. I really appreciate John’s careful work and the step by step program made available to me. I have spent a great deal of money on products online that have been a big disappointment as I really needed my hand held more than was provided. With this program, for every question I’ve had, a team has been in place providing me with the answers I’ve needed in a prompt, efficient manner. Thank you, Zero Debt! What a blessing to sleep at night and have peace in circumstances that before drove me to absolute grief and misery!



Email subject line: 2 cases dismissed!!!

Main Feedback: Hi! I just wanted to let you know I’ve had 2 cases dismissed and various (10 in total) that haven’t moved forward in litigation in court. Only 2 of these are even moving at all. No doubt that Zero Debt’s process was the reason for these results. It has given me time so that I can learn to defend myself and even go after these guys for their fraud! Thanks so much John and the team for giving me the forms, tools and resources so I can be successful!!! God bless you for all you do.

Roben A


Email subject line: Patricia, top notch help

Main Feedback: Hi John. I just wanted to let you know that Patricia is an incredible asset to our membership. She is very knowledgeable in the subject. She takes her time explaining our questions and is very patient to give us the time we need until we understand what were are doing. I hope she will be with you for a long time so other people can be helped by her knowledge and support she gives the members.

Take care,



Main Feedback: Hey folks,

The support I have received from the ZDX support group is amazing. I always get my questions answered and I can relax and know this process is working for me.

Patricia in particular has been terrific and she is always positive with her responses.

Thank you,




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